The voyage

Travelling with the Swedish American Line must have been an unique experience, especially for the individuals who, in earlier days, had to cross the erratic Atlantic Ocean, on overcrowded ships, during the peak of emigration. There were big differences between the regular traffic between Sweden and America, and all the various cruises. With that in mind, I decided to focus on the first category of travels in this text.

The trip between the continents usually took about a week, but depending on the weather, it could take as long as twelve days. This is what happened on the last journey that the ship Drottningholm made to New York, in February 1948, since they were caught in bad weather which lasted all the way.

In addition to the service, the food, and the weather, people often spoke about all the different activities which were arranged by the staff aboard the ships. The crew used to organize various games, show something interesting in the cinema, arrange dance evenings, hire performance artists, and sometimes the staff even set up their own show for excited passengers.