Torsten Torstensson

Living south of Uddevalla, in the middle of the forests of Bohuslän (a Swedish county), I consider myself to be called a proper “landlubber”. Together with my wife, Monica, we run a 200 acres farm which has been in my family for sixteen generations on my father’s side. In addition, I assist the Swedish American Center in Karlstad in various matters.

The dream of America, my interest in emigration, and my mania concerning collecting is an inheritance from my mother. Most of my family on her side reside on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean since their ancestors emigrated from Sweden there during the latter part of the 1800´s. The Swedish American Line was initially a secondary interest which eventually expanded to one of the largest privately owned collections in the world. Knowing that a whole lot of material still can be found among private owners, in antiques shops, or in the hands of other collectors, my main goal is to expand my current collection. I also intend to continue showing the material to those interested, and I will try to vivify the history surrounding the fantastic Swedish American Line even more.

If you want to help me make this collection even more complete, please feel free to contact me!

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