The Swedish American Line

During 1915, in the middle of a raging war, the Swedish shipping company Sweden – North America made its virgin voyage to New York with a steamship named ”Stockholm”. The name of the company later changed to Swedish American Line, and became well known, not only for their regular trips to North America, but also for cruises around the world with excellent quality and service.

Several different rumours, as to why the company shut down in 1975, are in circulation, but across the Atlantic Ocean people still speak about the ships and their fantastic staff who always took great care of the passengers and made sure they had everything they needed.


On this web page you have the opportunity to see a small part of the material produced for the Swedish American Line (SAL), all of which is part of my private collection. In addition to their high quality travels, SAL must be counted as pioneers when it comes to marketing strategy. The three crowns symbol were a consistent theme, advertising the company as well as giving Sweden, and everything Swedish, a very positive reputation. An incredible amount of brochures, price lists, and promotional material were produced, and today, all these items, together with souvenirs, photographs, consumable material, and so on, are highly collectable and of great desire for collectors.

The items presented on this page are all original, and some of them even unique. Part of the collection have been shown at exhibitions at the Swedish – American Center in Karlstad, Sweden, at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia, USA as well as in local Swedish museums.

Feel free to contact me if you want to help me making this collection even more complete.