The souvenirs

It is impossible to not notice the fabulous ability The Swedish American Line possessed when it came to being at the fore front in various situations. The layout and decor of their ships set the standard for other shipping companies, and the service mindedness and knowledge of the staff made the company famous on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Swedish American Line´s success in promotion and public relations outshines many of our contemporary company’s efforts. The logotype, the three crowns, was a consistent characteristic throughout the whole existence of the Swedish American Line shipping company. This logotype was unbeatable since it did not only stand for the company itself, but also Sweden and everything Swedish. In this context we have to mention the choice of names for the ships, which signified quality in every detail.

The souvenirs which were sold aboard, and the various presents which were given to, first and foremost, first class passengers certainly helped in spreading the name of the company. SAL was, as previously mentioned, very well aware of the importance of advertisement and actually chose to look the other way when ashtrays, matchboxes, and other small memorabilia ended up in the pockets of less scrupulous voyagers.