The films & the photographs

The number of films and photographs taken of the ships, passengers, staff, and diverse excursions are obviously infinite. The Swedish American Line were actually ambitious in taking their own beautiful pictures and using them to show the interior designs of their ships. The sepia toned photographs of Gripsholm (1925), and Kungsholm (1928) are way better at describing the luxurious interior design of the ships than any words possibly could. In addition, when the photo camera became an item which almost everyone could afford, people also started to take pictures of the other passengers.

A whole lot of material can be found in the newspapers archives which were active back then. It was considered to be big news when the company presented a new ship or when celebrities travelled with “The White Viking Fleet”.

When the small film camera became more and more popular, passengers used the advantage of motion pictures as another way to show how much fun they had during their trips.